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Photoproject by Sjaak Verboom
The photo project ‘Sacred Places’ examines the shifting meaning of hallowed sites. While previously being the destination of pilgrims and clergy, now holy squares and streets are filled with tourists.

Places of pilgrimage have become tourist attractions.

The photographs only portray authentic visitors of these places: pilgrims, men and women for whom these sites refer to a higher truth. And children for whom these places are a playground.

Tourists are absent; only their umbrellas and their tour guides are visible. They only feature in the photograph of the Dome of Rock mosque in which they face away from the holy site.

Pilgrim: a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons

Tourist: a person who is travelling or visiting for pleasure to a place

Pilgrimage: a pilgrim’s journey

Sacred: connected with God or a god or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving of veneration

Holy Land: a region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, in what is now Israel and Palestine, revered by Christians as the place in which Christ lived and taught, by Jews as the land given to the people of Israel, and by Muslims

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Photo’s: C-print on dibond and Gliceé-print. Limited edition. Prices on request.

© sjaak verboom 2019