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Sjaak Verboom

Sjaak Verboom (1957, the Netherlands) started his career as a photo journalist for a Dutch national newspaper. Since 2008, however, he has worked as a freelance photographer specializing in portrait and documentary photography for newspapers and magazines.

He also works on long-term projects in which he brings together documentary and art photography.
In his photography he focuses on story-telling and addresses deeply philosophical questions, such as what is a human being in relation to his or her history, religion and geographical roots; what drives human beings; and what is a good society?
These questions are at the core of his projects: ‘ Dit is mijn Land’ (“This is my Country”),A State of Existence,Heilige Plaatsen’ (“Sacred Places”), ‘Ongezien’ (“Unseen”) and other photo series.
His methodology is slow photography and that is why he sometimes works on projects for years. Verboom’s photographs are displayed in exhibitions and are published in book form. His works are also available as limited edition fine art prints.

Sjaak Verboom is available for portrait, documentary and editorial photography worldwide. For stock or assignment requests:
Mobile: +31 6 218 027 88


Nikole & Mike

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Josh & Maria

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Just another title

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